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Who Is IronHead Roofing?

We at IronHead Roofing have experienced, professional, and friendly staff that knows all there is to do with roofing. We can take on all residential or commercial roofing tasks, from flat roof replacements to simple repairs! As experienced roofers, we have worked within the Oregon area for numerous years, providing our customers with a satisfying and stress-free experience. Not sure if you want to work with us? We offer free quotes on roofing replacements and repairs so you can be sure if we are the right fit for you. Our business also provides a fantastic referral program where past and future clients can all benefit, helping further solidify our status as the best roofer around!

Roof repairs or replacements are important for maintaining a safe and efficient property. The roof is one of the essential aspects of safety  due to the protection it offers from the elements and the structural integrity it provides to the building. It also provides an aesthetically pleasing look to the property instead of  having missing pieces that bring down its overall appearance. These are a few of many reasons why you should focus on having any repairs or replacements done on your roof whenever necessary as a commercial property owner. 

One thing that makes commercial properties different from a typical residential home is the roof itself, which tends to be flat instead of pitched. Flat roof maintenance is just as necessary, but it might not be as evident since the roof is difficult to see compared to those with a peak. Many roofers don’t work on this kind of structure due to their complex nature, but we at IronHead Roofing do! We provide some of the best flat roof maintenance in all of Oregon, and we can help you too. Contact us today if you require assistance.


When it comes to a commercial property’s roof, you mainly have three options: a flat, metal, or shingle roof.

Flat Commercial Roofs

This is the most economical option out of all three, which is an excellent choice for standalone commercial buildings. Their sleek, flat appearance provides an aesthetic and practical appeal to your property. Although this type of roof does have numerous advantages, it also comes with a few downsides. This type of roof is the most likely to leak, needing more maintenance and repairs than others.

Metal Roofs

This is the most expensive option, as it is highly durable and long-lasting. They are environmentally friendly since the materials are recyclable if need be. Metal roofs hold some of the best appearances because they can be tailored to fit your property’s style and have several colors to choose from.

Commercial Shingle Roof

Commercial shingle roofs are a midpoint between the other options. They are eco-friendly and require little maintenance. This type of roof may not be as durable as other options, as the shingle can warp or dry out over time. There are several colors and styles to best fit your property.

Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Repairs

Flat Roofs Are An Excellent Choice For Your Commercial Roofing Needs, But They Can Be Prone To Damages Just Like The Rest. Here Are A Few Key Signs To Look Out For That May Indicate Flat Roof Repair Is Required.
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are the most apparent sign since they will likely affect the interior of your building. If you notice random water pooling spots inside your business, it may be time to have your roof looked at.
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Water Pooling

on the roof itself is one of the biggest issues flat roofs face. This occurs because, over time, the roof may shift a bit, meaning it will result in unintended leveling compared to what it was when installed. Due to the shift, water can pool up and seep into the roof’s layers, shortening its lifespan.
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Bubbling & Blistering

usually result from failing to place the initial adhesion properly. This could be due to poor labor, bad insulation, or insufficient ventilation. These bubbles are filled with air or water and, if left untreated, can become too enlarged to fix and pop, causing significant damage.
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Cracks, Splits, And Tears

are one of the easiest problems to spot. If a crack occurs and is not dealt with, it can cause the plyboard or chipboard to absorb water, turning the material to mush.
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Mold Or Organic Growth

indicates unwanted water retention on the roof. If not fixed, this water can create damages that are beyond repair, requiring a full roof replacement instead.
Although Some Signs Of Damage Are Easy To Notice, Most Require A Trained Eye. Get In Touch With IronHead Roofing To Find Out If Your Property Needs Any Repairs.

Work With Us For Replacement Or Repairs

If you believe that your commercial flat roof requires replacements or repairs, there is no better roofer to work within Oregon than IronHead Roofing! We have the experience to diagnose any issues and repair them with the best craftsmanship available.