What Parts Of Your Roof Are Checked During An Inspection

While you may not think of it much, your roof takes a beating from the summer Oregon hailstorms to the harsh ice storms in winter. Even on the nice days in between, your roof is standing up to the elements, as sticks, leaves, and little creatures scurry across. With such an important element of your home constantly exposed, when is the last time you had a roof inspection?

At IronHead Roofing, we provide thorough roof inspections for both residential and commercial properties. Routine inspections are critical for keeping an eye on your roof’s integrity before a major disaster (like a leak) occurs. But what parts of your roof are checked during our inspections? In this blog post, we will go into detail to explain our entire roof inspection process. Keep reading to learn more and contact our team today for your annual roof inspection!

Structural Inspection

The first part of your inspection will be pertaining to the overall structural integrity of your roof. Whether residential or commercial roofing, we want to be sure that your roof is not sagging, and is structurally sound to prevent any further damage or injuries. Signs of a sagging roof our roofing contractors are looking for include:

  • Cracks, splinters, or rotting in the rafters and trusses
  • Sagging ceilings or rooflines
  • Damaged or missing collar and rafter ties
  • Leaning or tilting exterior walls

We will also examine your soffit, fascia, and gutters for mold/moss, crumbling, cracks, water damage, and sun damage. For chimneys, skylights, and vents, we will check the seals and exterior for any signs of wear and tear to prevent leaks.

Structural Inspection
Material Inspection

Material Inspection

The material aspect of the inspection focuses on your roofing materials. Our team at Ironhead Roofing will check for any missing or cracked shingles, along with any signs of pests or damage to the flashing. If damage is found, you may need to schedule a roofing repair.

Interior Inspection

Not all roofing issues are seen from the outside of your home. Oftentimes, many customers notice a roofing issue from inside their home first, such as water stains or leaks! Our inspectors will check ceilings, attics, and walls throughout the house’s interior looking for signs of damage including:

  • Water stains
  • Wood rot
  • Mold
  • Holes in the ceilings or walls
  • Sagging walls or ceilings
  • Beams of light shining into the attic from the ceiling
Interior Inspection
Repair Or Replacement Estimate

Repair or Replacement Estimate

After your roofing inspection, you will be provided with a thorough report of what was checked, along with any issues or damage that was discovered, as well as a recommended plan of action for your roof. If minor roofing repairs are needed, our team can help you prioritize which repairs are needed first to maximize your budget. If the damage is extensive, it may be more economical to consider a new roof replacement.

Some common signs that you may need a residential or commercial roofing replacement include:

  • Significant damage
  • Roof rot
  • More than just a few missing shingles
  • Visible shingle granules
  • Interior water damage

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Preventative maintenance, including routine roof inspections, is key for keeping your roof’s integrity solid and providing your residential or commercial property with long-lasting protection. At IronHead Roofing, our expert roofing contractors are highly skilled, able to provide insight into the health of your roof, as well as create a plan of action, whether repair or replacement, that fits your budget. We operate throughout Oregon - from Corvallis to Albany and beyond- helping you with all your roofing needs! Contact our team today to schedule your roof inspection!