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In other words, we are the complete solution for your roofing needs. Our team have been trained to the very highest standards; we work on your roof as if it were one of our own – a commitment to delivering exceptional, informed and customer-centered service that goes beyond your expectations. With our initial free consultation, we discuss the project with you – keeping you up-to-date throughout the entire project at all times.

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One of the most common questions we receive is about cost. How much might your project cost? To answer this question, we need to review the problem first-hand. While it may be possible to deliver a quote over the phone, we prefer to inspect the problem and discuss the project in detail – offering a fair and final estimate that reflects the quality of work we intend to carry out.

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Our team of Salem roofers have worked in this industry for many years. We ensure that each of our roofers has attained the highest, most recent qualifications in their chosen field. We also guarantee that our roofers are trained with the very highest safety standards in mind. As specialists in the roofing industry, we appreciate how complex roof repairs and replacement can be. Similarly, we also appreciate that we are dealing with a vital component of your home; not just structurally but aesthetically, too.

That is why IronHead Roofing has become the fastest growing roofing company throughout Oregon. We are consistently rated as the most trusted, reliable and professional roofing company in the state. We intend to bring IronHead Roofing to the very next level.