Oregon Roof Inspections – Why You Need One

Ever thought about getting a roof inspection? Perhaps not. Very few people do, after all. But there are many good and solid reasons why you need one. Roof inspections help identify problems before they become a financial nightmare. Below, we explain in greater detail why you should consider receiving a thorough roof inspection. After all, prevention is and always has been better than the cure.

At IronHead Roofing, we regularly conduct roof inspections to identify and prevent long-term roofing distress. Inspections are also needed before a home is purchased; realtors need to be certain the roofs of their homes meet industry standards. There is also the question of peace of mind. Many homeowners want to be secure in the knowledge that the lid of their home isn’t compromised.

Oregon Roof Inspections – What Happens?

Our roofing team conduct roof inspections throughout Oregon – including but not limited to Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon, Monmouth, Salem and Eugene.

Roof inspections are non-invasive; the techniques we use do not undermine the integrity of your roof. In fact, we assess the integrity of your roof without physically dissecting the roof itself. Modern techniques – such as the use of infrared – allow for this quick and easy analysis. Our Oregon roof inspections are both thorough and precise; a means to assess existing and potential future problems with the roof structure.

Of course, the geography of your home matters, too.

Many homes are at greater risk of snowfall or other damaging forms of meteorology. Such roofs are liable to greater damage than the roof of a standard home. These roofs are also likely to be replaced more often. That is why we actively encourage homeowners to view their roof in the way they would their teeth; their electrical system or their car – that regular inspections are necessary to help identify existing problems before they go too far. Delayed damage is costlier, more time-consuming and significantly more stressful.

A qualified roof inspector has the capacity to:

  • Identify leaks, however small
  • Source areas of weakness
  • Assess the physical integrity of your roof
  • Determine when replacement is needed

There is also the question of safety. Many homeowners choose to assess their roof without the required knowledge or experience. Many end up visiting their local healthcare professional as a result. It also means they’re putting safety at risk. Climbing atop the roof of your home is a cautious affair at best. There may be damage or slippage, from which homeowners do know how to react to. Qualified roof inspectors can assess the roof of your home without the need for homeowners to take these unnecessary risks.

Taking the Next Steps

Still unsure whether you need a roof inspection? We recommend consulting a member of our roof repair team. We help you determine whether an inspection is necessary and, if so, we can arrange a time – at your convenience – to inspect your roof. IronHead Roofing has conducted dozens of roof inspections throughout Oregon, helping homeowners identify damaging and potentially very serious weaknesses.

Contact us today for more information.