Metal Roofing | The Advantages and Disadvantages

Thinking about a roof replacement but not sure which type of roof to choose? At IronHead Roofing, our professional team of Corvallis roofers have managed projects involving a wide range of roofing types. In today’s blog, we’re going to review the many advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing; assessing what factors you should consider and learning whether metal roofing is right for you.

Given the cost of roof replacement can be prohibitive for many people, it’s important to do your research before choosing any type of roof. At IronHead Roofing, we keep our clients fully informed of the advantages and disadvantages of each roofing type – recommending what roof works best for them. If you have any inquiries about other roofing types, be sure to fill out our online form today; a member of our roofing team will be in touch very shortly.

In the meantime, though, let’s focus on the various advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing.

Advantages of metal roofing

One of the great advantages of metal roofing is the versatility and diversity it offers the homeowner. You get to choose between:

  • The type of metal you’d like – including zinc, copper and steel

This means you can customize your roof as you see fit – framing it within a budget you can handle, while achieving that ideal look for your home.

Second, metal roofing is a more durable type of roof. Metal roofing can last up to three times (sometimes even longer) the average shelf-life compared to asphalt roofing. Asphalt roofs can last up to 20 years. Depending on the type of metal chosen, metal roofs can last up to 60 years (sometimes longer). Homeowners looking for a long-term, durable roof can find that in metal roofing.

Metal roofing is also energy efficient. Depending on the metal chosen, it can reflect rays of sunlight very easily.

Disadvantages of metal roofing

However, though metal roofing comes with an incredible range of advantages; it also comes with disadvantages, too.

For example, metal roofing is a relatively expensive type of roof. The most common and most popular type of roof, asphalt roofing, is considerably cheaper. However, as we discussed, metal roofing does come with many advantages that asphalt roofing simply doesn’t have. The initial added cost with metal roofing pays for itself in the long term. With more regular roof replacements needed for asphalt roofing, metal roofing should be considered a long-term investment.

Final thoughts

To summarize, then, the advantages of metal roofing are:

  • That it’s a versatile type of roof with a diverse range of metal options
  • That it’s highly durable
  • That it’s energy efficient

The disadvantages of metal roofing are:

  • Relatively expensive compared to more common roofing types, such as asphalt roofing. However, asphalt roofing is not versatile, not durable and not energy efficient.

IronHead Roofing is the leading provider of metal roofing throughout Corvallis. Have any questions about metal roofing or are you searching for a free estimate? Contact a member of our team of Corvallis roofers today – we will be in touch very shortly.

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